Chicken Thigh


Chicken Thigh

We Offer Premium Quality approved chicken. Shipping to over 150 countries, where our factories are approved. Contact us for the best competitive bulk prices. Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
Premium Quality Clean Frozen Halal Chicken Thigh Halal Frozen Chicken Thigh Frozen

Description and chemical composition

Items Contents
Product Name Frozen Chicken Thigh
Type Chicken Thigh
Shelf Life 12 and/or 24 Months
Storage at -18°C
Blasted at -40°C
Detailed Description 1.Washed and clean

2.Without yellow skin.

3.No feathers. No bad smell. No blood.

4.No bruises. No black pads.

5.No traces of carved deep wounds.

6.No ammonia burns.

Advantage 100% Fresh and Frozen
Safe for human consumption

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