Frozen Pork Loin Bone in Without Vertebrae


Frozen Pork Loin Bone in Without Vertebrae

Import Frozen Pork Loin Bone in Without Vertebrae from Brazil.

Pork Product List 

1. Frozen Pork Whole Carcass
2. Frozen Pork Carcass Two-Way Cut
3. Frozen Pork Carcass Six-Way Cut
4. Frozen Pork Leg Bone-in, Skin on
5. Frozen Pork Leg Bone-in Skinless
6. Frozen Pork Leg Boneless Skinless
7. Frozen Pork Loin Bone-in Skinless
8. Frozen Pork Loin Boneless Skinless
9. Frozen Pork Shoulder Boneless, Skinless
10. Frozen Pork Collar Boneless, Skinless

Frozen Pork Carcass, Pork Cuts and Pork Offals
Country of Origin
Brazil, South America
Grade A
Shelf Life
24 Months from production date
FOB, CIF any Port with no problems
Authorization for Export
China Mainland, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Vietnam, Thailand
Shipping to over 200 countries
Inspection Certification
SGS or any International Surveyor
Freezing Process

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

         –      Blasted at minus 200C
–      Storage at minus 180C
–      Transported at minus 180C
Lead Time
5-9 days after receipt of payment instrument
Loading Reefer Container
40 full container load (FCL) equivalent to 27 metric tons (MT) +/-2%
Port of Loading
Port of Paranagua (BRPNG) , Port of Santos (BRSSZ
Delivery TIme
2-38 days depending on distance to Discharge Port & Logistics Flexibility


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